Flushing Systems

Cooling System Servicing & Flushing 

  • Pressure test cooling system and test for leaks
  • Check hoses and thermostat and replace if needed
  • Drain and flush cooling system
  • Refill radiator with coolant and inhibitor

Engine Flush

Sludge deposits build up over time which affects engine performance and fuel economy. An Engine Flush is designed to remove this sludge helping your engine run freely and efficiently.

Power Steering Flush

The steering system contains many complex hydraulic components and therefore needs attention over time. A simple and regular Power Steering Flush is designed to remove foreign matter, helping components run freely to maintain optimum feel and accuracy while driving.

Transmission Service and Flush

Like your engine, the transmission is a vital and complex area that needs regular maintenance. Transmission service and simple flush are often all that is needed to ensure smooth gear changes and longer life.

Electrical Service

Is your car coughing, spluttering, choking, or batteries running low? It may be time for a full electrical inspection.

  • Internal & External Lights including Headlights
  • Indicators & Brake Lights
  • Starter Motor & Alternator
  • Wipers
  • Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Aerial and Radio
  • Electric Windows

Fuel Injection

Fuel injectors are designed to provide the correct volume and pressure of fuel into the engine to maximize performance, economy, and smooth running. Flat spots in acceleration, poor fuel economy, or poor acceleration are a sign your fuel injectors need a service. A Fuel injection service is designed to keep your car running at peak condition.